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Japanese Word for Mirror

October 25th, 2012 · No Comments

Kanji Kagami for Mirror

Kanji Kagami for Mirror

In Japanese we say "鏡(かがみ - kagami)" for the word "mirror" and this kanji is also pronounced "(きょう - kyou)" in the cases to form some words with other kanji characters like the following examples.

  • "望遠鏡(ぼうえんきょう - bouenkyou)" - This word means "Telescope".
  • "顕微鏡(けんびきょう - kenbikyou)" - This word means "Microscope".
  • "万華鏡(まんげきょう - mangekyou)" - This word means "Kaleidoscope".
  • "鏡面(きょうめん - kyoumen)" - "Surfaces" of mirror or lens.
Kanji Mangekyou for Kaleidoscope

Kanji Mangekyou for Kaleidoscope

And the main material for producing mirror or lens is glass and we call "glass" as "ガラス". Usually we use Katakana for expressing glass but sometime we also use Kanji "硝子(がらす - garasu)" for glass.

Even though glass means "eye glasses" or "glass cup" in English, in Japanese the word "ガラス or 硝子" just means "glass material". So when we express "eye glass" we say "メガネ or 眼鏡(めがね - megane)" and for expressing "glass cup" we say "ガラスのコップ or 硝子のコップ(がらすのこっぷ - garasu no koppu) in Japanese.

Kanji Stroke Order for 鏡

Stroke Order for 鏡

Stroke Order for 鏡

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