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Japanese Word for Fluffy

October 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Fluffy Puppy in Japanese

Fluffy Puppy

In Japanese we use the word "フワフワした(ふわふわした - fuwafuwashita)", "フワッとした(ふわっとした - fuwattoshita)" or "棉毛の(めんもうの - menmouno)" for the English word "fluffy". And use like the following examples;

  • "私の子猫はフワフワしていて非常に可愛い(watashi no koneko ha fuwafuwashiteite hijouni kawaii)." - My kitten is fluffy and so cute.
  • "フワッとした可愛い子犬は、誰からも愛される(fuwattoshita kawaii koinu ha, darekaramo aisareru)." - A fluffy cute puppy is loved by everyone.
  • "フワフワしたパンケーキを食べたい(fuwafuwashita panke-ki wo tabetai)." - I'd like to eat fluffy pancake.
  • "私の好物はフワッとしたスクランブルエッグです(watashi no koubutsu ha fuwattoshita sukuranburu eggu desu)" - My favorite food is fluffy scrambled eggs.
Fluffy Kitten in Japanese

Fluffy Kitten

Kanji Stroke Order for 子犬

Stroke Order for 子犬

Stroke Order for 子犬

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