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Kanji 春夏秋冬

Each of these four Japanese Kanji letters represents one of four seasons.

The kanji letter 春 means spring and pronounce “はる -> haru” or “しゅん -> shun”. 

春が来た (はるが きた -> haruga kita). — Meaning is “Spring has come”.

早春 (そうしゅん -> soushun). — Meaning is “Early Spring”.

And the Kanji 夏 means summer and pronounce “なつ -> natsu” ,”か -> ka” or “げ -> ge”.

私は夏が好きです(わたしは なつが すきです -> watashiwa natsuga sukidesu). – Meaning is “I like summer”.

初夏 (しょか -> shoka) – Meaning is “early summer”.

秋 means autumn and pronounce “あき -> aki” or “しゅう -> shuu”.

秋は好い季節だ (あきは よい きせつだ -> akiwa yoi kisetsuda). – Meaning is “Autumn is a wonderful season”.

冬 means winter and pronounce “ふゆ -> fuyu” or “とう -> tou”.

冬は寒い季節です (ふゆは さむい きせつです -> fuyuwa samui kisetsudesu). – Meaning is “Winter is a cold season”.

So we pronounce the Kanji word 春夏秋冬 as “しゅん か しゅう とう -> shun ka shuu tou”.

Kanji Stroke Order for 春夏秋冬

Four Seasons in Japanese

Stroke Order for 春夏秋冬

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