Fire and Fire Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

火- Kanji for fire

The Japanese kanji "火 (ひ - hi, び - bi or か - ka) " means fire. The following kanji words are fire "火" related ones.

  • "火災 (かさい - kasai)" means fire which destroy houses or any buildings by fire. The kanji "災" means disaster.
  • "火事 (かじ - kaji)" also means fire which destroy houses or any buildings with fire. The kanji "事" means things.
  • "火炎 (かえん - kaen)" means flame of fire. The kanji "炎" means flame.
  • "火山 (かざん - kazan)" means volcanoes. The kanji "山" means mountains.
  • "火口 (かこう- kakou)" means craters. The kanji "口" means mouth.
  • "火遁 (かとん - katon)" means to disappear using fire – a kind of techniques of Ninja. The kanji "遁" means escape.
  • "火薬 (かやく- kayaku)" means gun powder. The kanji "薬" means medicine or chemical reagent.
  • "花火 (はなび- hanabi)" means firework. The kanji "花" means flower.

Kanji Stroke Order for 火

Japanese Word for Fire
Stroke Order for 火

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