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猫-Kanji for cat

The Japanese Kanji “猫(ねこ – neko, びょう – byou or みょう – myou)” means “cat”. And we have some popular useful words in which we have the Kanji “猫” like the following examples.

“子猫 (こねこ-koneko)” means “young cat” or “kitty”. The kanji “子 (こ-ko or し-shi)” means child.

“猫舌 (ねこじた-nekojita)” means “a person who can’t eat or drink hot foods or drinks”. So we use this word like the following example; 彼は猫舌だからこの熱い味噌汁は飲めない (かれ は ねこじた だから この あつい みそ しる は のめない-kare ha nekojita dakara kono atsui miso shiru ha nomenai)。The meaning of this Japanese sentence is “He can’t have this hot miso-soup because he is “Nekojita””.

“猫なで声 (ねこなでごえ-nekonadegoe)”. We use this word like this; 彼女は彼に猫なで声で話しかけ、ダイヤの指輪を買ってもらった (かのじょ は かれ に ねこなでごえ で はなしかけ、だいや の ゆびわ を かって もらった-kanojo ha kare ni nekonadegoe de hanashikake, daiya no yubiwa wo katte moratta)- She asked him with her silky voice and got a diamond ring.

“猫に小判 (ねこにこばん-nekonikoban)”. “小判” is an old Japanese gold coin. So the meaning of this word is same as “Pearls before swine”.

“猫糞 (ねこばば-nekobaba)”. 彼は机の上のお金を猫糞した (かれ は つくえ の うえ の おかね を ねこばば した-kare ha tsukue no ue no okane wo nekobaba shita). The meaning of this sentence is; He pocketed someone’s money on the desk

Kanji Stroke Order for 猫

Stroke Order for 猫

Stroke Order for 猫

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