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胃- Kanji for stomach

The Japanese kanji character “胃 (い-i )” has meaning for “stomach”. Here are some Japanese kanji words in which the kanji character “胃” is used.

胃袋 (いぶくろ-ibukuro) means “stomach (same as 胃 itself)”. The kanji “袋 (ふくろ-fukuro)” has meaning of bag.

胃液 (いえき-ieki) means “gastric juice”. The kanji character “液 (えき-eki)” means liquid.

胃癌 (いがん-igan) means “stomach cancer”. The kanji character “癌 (がん-gan)” has meaning of cancer.

The kanji 胃 has nine strokes.

Here is a video for the Stroke Orders of the Kanji characters.

Here are some other 臓器 (ぞうき-zouki means organ) names in Japanese.

  • Small intestine — 小腸 (しょうちょう-shouchou)
  • Colon — 結腸 (けっちょう-kecchou)
  • Rectum — 直腸 (ちょくちょう-chokuchou)
  • Liver — 肝臓 (かんぞう-kanzou)
  • Kidney — 腎臓 (じんぞう-jinzou)
  • Bladder — 膀胱 (ぼうこう-boukou)
  • Pancreas — 膵臓 (すいぞう-suizou)
  • Gallbladder — 胆嚢 (たんのう-tannou)
  • Heart — 心臓 (しんぞう-shinzou)
  • Lung —  (はい-hai)

Kanji Stroke Order for 胃

Stroke Order for 胃

Stroke Order for 胃

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