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“宛” Related Japanese Kanji Words

October 18th, 2010 · No Comments

宛- Kanji for to (somewhere)

The Japanese kanji "宛 (あ-a or あて-ate)" (#10 in my Jouyou kanji list) has meaning of "to (somewhere or someone)" and we have a few words in which the kanji "宛" is used. We use this kanji like this;

この手紙を田中さん宛に送っておいて下さい (kono tegami wo tanaka san ateni okutte oite kudasai)-Please send this letter to Mr. Tanaka.

"宛先 (あてさき-atesaki)" means recipient address and name (for sending something).

この手紙には宛先をはっきり記入してください (kono tegami niha atesaki wo hakkiri kinyuu shitekudasai)-Please clealy write down the address and the name of the recipient on this letter.

"宛名 (あてな-atena)" means names of recipient.

この手紙の宛名は誰ですか? (kono tegami no atena ha dare desuka ?)-Who is the recipient of this tetter?

Kanji Stroke Order for 宛

Stroke Order for 宛

Stroke Order for 宛

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