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“安” Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

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安全- Kanji for safe

The Japanese kanji word "安全 (あんぜん-anzen)" means safety. ここは安全な場所です (koko ha anzen na basho desu) – Here is a safe place.

The Japanese kanji word "安 (あん-an or やす-yasu)" (#12 in my kanji list) has some meaning like as safe, calm or cheap. Here are some Japanese kanji words in which the kanji character 安 is contained.

安心 (あんしん-anshin) means "peace of mind". So we use this word like a following example; この製品は安心して使える (kono seihinn ha anshin shite tsukaeru)-We can use this product without any worry.

安産 (あんざん-anzan) means "easy delivery". We use this word like a following example; 私は彼女の安産を願っています (watashi ha kanojono anzan wo negatte imasu)-I hope she’ll have easy delivery (of her baby).

安物 (やすもの-yasumono) means "cheap goods". We use this word like a following example; 彼はいつも安物ばかり探している (kare ha itsumo yasumono bakari sagasite iru)-He is always looking for cheap goods.

Kanji Stroke Order for 安全

Japanese Word for Safety

Stroke Order for 安全

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