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“威” Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

January 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

威 - Kanji for dignity

The Japanese kanji character "威 (い-i)" has meaning for "dignity". As you can see in this kanji character, there is a kanji "女", which mean female, inside it. So the original meaning of this kanji is "a woman who has power in her home (or mistress)". But this kanji is used for representing anyone’s dignity (for men or women) in Japan these days. Here are some Japanese kanji words in which the kanji character "威" is used.

威圧 (いあつ-iatsu) means "coercion". We use this word like following example; 我々は大国の威圧に決して屈しない. (wareware ha taikoku no iatsu ni kesshite kusshi nai). The meaning of this Japanese sentence is; We never overcome by the coercion of the large country.

威嚇 (いかく-ikaku) means "threat". Here is a Japanese word related this word; 威嚇射撃 (いかくしゃげき-ikaku shageki). The meaning of this word is "warning shot".

脅威 (きょうい-kyoui) means "menace". We use this word like following example; 隣国の巨大軍事力は我々にとって大きな脅威だ (ringoku no kyodai gunji ryoku ha wareware ni totte ookina kyoui da). The meaning of this sentence is "The huge military force of our neighbor country is big threat for us".

威厳 (いげん-igen) means "dignity". Here is a phrase which include this Japanese Kanji; 威厳のある態度 (igen no aru taido) means "dignified manner".

威風堂々 (いふうどうどう-ifuudoudou) means "majestic".

Kanji Stroke Order for 威圧

Stroke Order for 威圧

Stroke Order for 威圧

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