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“圧” Related Japanese Kanji Words

October 17th, 2010 · No Comments

圧勝- Kanji for overwhelming victory

The Japanese kanji " (あつ-atsu)" (#8 in my Jouyou kanji list) has meaning of "pressure" and we have several words which include the letter "圧" in them.

The left side kanji image "圧勝 (あっしょう-asshou)" means "Overwhelming victory". So when we won on baseball game at 10-0 score, we say "我々は圧勝した.-wareware ha asshou shita."

The kanji word "圧倒 (あっとう-attou)" means "overwhelming". For example; "今シーズン タイガースは圧倒的に他のチームより強い-kon shizun taigasu ha attouteki ni tano chimu yori tsuyoi (in this season, Tigers are overwhelmingly stronger than others.)"

"圧力 (あつりょく-atsuryoku)" means "pressure power". The kanji "力 (りき-riki, りょく-ryoku or ちから-chikara)" means "force".

Kanji Stroke Order for 圧

Stroke Order for 圧

Stroke Order for 圧

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