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“囲” Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

January 13th, 2011 · No Comments

囲- Kanji for enclose

The Japanese kanji symbol "囲 (い-i or かこ-kako)" means "enclose or enclosure". Here are some Japanese kanji words in which the kanji character "囲" is contained.

囲碁 (いご-igo) is a kind of game which is played by two players using white and black marble stones. This game is pretty popular in Japan and China. We say "碁を打つ-go wo utsu" for playing 囲碁.

囲炉裏 (いろり-irori) is a kind of Japanese style fireplace which is not popular nowadays. But some old houses, they still have 囲炉裏 for heating or cooking purposes in their home.

周囲 (しゅうい-shuui) means surroundings.

範囲 (はんい-hani) means limit or range.

Kanji Stroke Order for 囲

Stroke Order for 囲

Stroke Order for 囲

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