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“依” Related Japanese Kanji Words and Images

January 20th, 2011 · No Comments

依 - Kanji for depend

The Japanese kanji character "依 (い-i or え-e)" has meaning for "depend" or "lean against". Here are some Japanese kanji words in which the kanji character "依" is included.

旧態依然 (きゅうたいいぜん-kyuutaiizen) means "nothing changed from before state of thing". We use this word like following example; 彼らの生産方法は旧態依然だ (Karera no sensan houhou ha kyuutaiizan da). This means; Their production process is changed nothing (there is no progress) from the old ways.

依託 (いたく-itaku) means entrustment.

依頼 (いらい-irai) is "to ask someone for doing something". And the word "依頼人 (いらいにん-irainin)" means "a person who asked some task - (a client)" For Example; この仕事の依頼人は誰ですか? (Kono shigoto no irainin ha dare desuka?) means Who is a client of this task?

依怙地 (えこじ-ekoji or いこじ-ikoji) means perverseness. 

Kanji Stroke Order for 依

Stroke Order for 依

Stroke Order for 依

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